The figure theater festival
in Greifswald

Fantasy and spectacle

Every year in September it can happen that a white unicorn or other crazy creatures appear in Greifswald’s pedestrian zone, colorfully made-up children or pensively smiling adults – because it is puppet theater festival time.

The state association of independent theaters in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern always puts together a great and full program. The only condition: it should be stages of the independent theater scene, because it is also about the appreciation and support of these independent but not always under easy conditions acting artists. The festival includes seven performances over three days – these are children’s performances, but also at least one adult performance, although the boundaries are sometimes blurred. The magic that this special form of theater unfolds captures children and adults alike.

The term “puppet theater” is used in the theatrical sense as a distinction from traditional puppet or Punch and Judy theater; it encompasses the broad field of theater performance with puppets. The focus is on artistic puppet theater, object theater, and the blending of figure forms and various arts. So much for the definition.

In other words, puppet theater enchants – one is amazed at the means with which stories are told – so poetically and so stimulating. This kind of storytelling has become rare, where everything is always loud, told out and ready.

The fact that the imagination and the senses are touched in a special way, that is what the puppet theaters create and that is what we and our children urgently need. You can see it in the full auditoriums, the children acting out the stories immediately after the show, and the smiling parents and grandparents.

On Saturday, children and adults can still play, tell stories, make music and do crafts together in the afternoon after the performance in the St. Spiritus courtyard. Many socio-cultural institutions support the festival with a colorful participatory program, which is
enjoys very great popularity.

The festival is growing, as since its 10th anniversary it has expanded to three days and includes four venues. The FANTAKEL lives from a productive cooperation between the Landesverband Soziokultur, the Landesverband Freier Theater, the St. Spiritus, the Stadtbibliothek Greifswald, all participating associations and of course especially from the fantastic theaters and the small and big figure theater fans.

FANTAKEL – The events

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