The socio-cultural center St.Spiritus

The Socio-Cultural Center

St. Spiritus offers an atmospheric platform for many events with the concert stage in the historic chapel and the open-air stage in the courtyard. The spectrum includes live music of various genres, puppetry, theater, cabaret, readings and other live events. Many events within the framework of Greifswald festivals such as the “Nordic Sound”, “FANTAKEL Figure Theater Festival”, “Tanztendenzen” and the “Polish Market” take place in the house.

Cultural and artistic offers

Changing exhibitions in the “Gallery in the Chapel”, artistic workshops, weekly rehearsals of the choirs of St. Spiritus and regularly held courses and workshops complete the offer of the cultural center.

Since 1989 – center of cultural reception and communication

St. Spiritus enables all people – regardless of age, uncomplicated and close to everyday life – a spontaneous access to culture. Since its foundation in 1989, St. Spiritus has been a center of cultural reception and communication, artistic activity and cultural and socio-political education.

The intercultural café

In the intercultural café, which takes place twice a month, you can meet, play games, engage in conversation or simply drink fair-trade coffee and retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to one of Greifswald’s most beautiful courtyards.

Initiatives in the house

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